A Reliable, Open Source Development Environment in the Cloud

Stop worrying about server downtime, Internet connection problems, backup issues, tool installs, configuration woes and security flaws in your development infrastructure. ToolsCloud provides a full environment of the best open source tools at a fraction of what it would cost to run internally. We’ve assembled a powerful and full featured development environment including:

ToolsCloud Diagram v2

Redmine, a sophisticated issue tracker and project management tool, with integrated wiki and forums
Git, a distributed source code repository
Subversion, the world’s most widely used code repository
Jenkins, providing continuous integration at your fingertips
Nexus, a library and artifacts management solution
Sonar, a platform to manage code quality
Maven & Gradle, build automation tools
LDAP, an easy, centralized users and roles management solution

Our Open Source packages can be easily accessed through the ToolsCloud Manager 



Best-Practice Based Security & Backups

Each customer gets an exclusive, non-shared environment and all tools are installed in a single-tenant virtual machine in the cloud, with dedicated virtual storage. The service is accessible via HTTPS and the administrator can manage user access.

Daily backups are stored in multiple locations, and available for a full week to give you peace of mind that your data is safe, no matter what.


Configuration & Support

Each environment is hosted on Amazon EC2, and for certain plans, each server has a fixed IP address.

Our Help Desk is available online to answer your configuration questions and help solve your issues.

We don’t believe in long term contracts or vendor lock-in. Our tools are entirely open source, so if your needs ever change, you can walk away without fear of losing data.